About us

Women in Aviation - Middle East is a nonprofit association dedicated to encouraging women in the Middle East to seek opportunities in the aviation industry. WAI-ME started in 2013 and continues to grow year after year. Our goals are clear and reflect our vision and mission.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which women’s contributions are celebrated, a world in which women enjoy equal treatment, a world in which women are united.

We are working towards facilitating a social transition that empowers women in all roles they wish to accommodate, especially in the aviation industry.

We hope to provide women with the tools by which they can fulfill their potential.

WAI-ME Team Vision
WAI-ME Team Vision

Our Mission

At Women in Aviation – Middle East Chapter, our mission is:

  • To encourage women in the Middle East to seek empowering career and educational opportunities in aviation and aerospace.
  • To provide comprehensive resources and benefits to assist women in their aims to achieve successful careers in aviation.
  • To serve as a regional hub for women in the Middle East to converge for assistance and support in aviation.
  • To provide a platform to bring successful women who have made their mark in the aviation industry to mentor and be a source of inspiration for women aspiring to be a part of the growing aviation sector.

Meet Our Team

WAI-ME Team strives to deliver the tools and support that helps our members grow with unparalleled success.

Ms. Mervat Sultan


Ms. Dina Bel Jaflah

First Vice President

Captain Kristina Tervo

Second Vice President

Ms. Farah Al Ansari

Membership Committee

Eng. Suaad Al Shamsi

Outreach - Support Committee

Ms. Heba Hussain


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