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WAI-ME Team strives to deliver the tools and support that helps our members grow with unparalleled success.

Education sits at the heart of all progress. We seek to assist women in establishing a placement in educational institutions so that they can acquire the requisite knowledge to begin their careers in the aviation industry. We hope to play a role in furthering women’s education and in doing so, facilitate their academic and professional pursuits to allow them to investigate new territories of scholarship.

Our organization seeks to examine the barriers which impede women’s access to educational opportunities and provide a foundation of resources by which women in the Middle East can complete their studies.

We also hope to address the vocational needs of women in the region by facilitating the transition between the educational and professional realms. This is largely targeted through the establishment of a strong network of members with the aim to help one another and overcome mutual challenges to the benefit of the community.

Current Open Scholarship

As a member of WAI-ME, you are free to apply for full scholarship with Vision Concept Aviation Training Institute (VCATI) - click here for more information.

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