Why Join Women in Aviation Middle East?

It’s your chance to inspire and be inspired, it’s your chance to learn and to teach, it’s your chance to build your network and join a community that shares your passion and love for aviation.

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For aviation professional or enthusiast.

For decision makers of a company that wishes to sponsor the goals of WAI-ME.

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awesome Membership Benefits

How do members benefit from membership? Essentially, members' benefits are the services and perks they receive as part of their membership and include the following:


Is your dream of studying for an aviation career a reality? We fund scholarships for our members with the help of our sponsors.


Building relationships and connections are what networking is all about. You can gain advice and contacts from us by attending our regular events.


Trust and goodwill are the foundations of a mentoring relationship. Let us help you find the right mentor so that you can excel at what you do.

Events & Air Shows

We assist our members in participating in the major aviation trade shows to display, demonstrate, and discuss their newest products and services.


By awarding the best aviators, talents, and influencers in aviation, we encourage them to continue making progress through recognition and promotion.

Job opportunities

As part of our program, we provide our members the opportunity to learn about how to find a job and what skills they will need in the future.

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awesome Education & Careers

Knowing that all progress begins with education; we strive to deliver the tools and support that helps our members grow with unparalleled success. As such, the education opportunities we have always provided to our members will continue to be provided by us in partnership with our partners. Our regular email newsletter informs you of these opportunities. While you wait, here is a list of mostly free online courses:

IATA Courses

More than 100 courses provided by IATA that cover a wide variety of subjects.

for experienced Costs varies
Technology for Airlines

Presentation of the airline product and tech companies that make it better. What can startups improve in air travel?

for beginners Free
How to launch an airline

Startup airlines are founded every year, learn how they do it!

for beginners Free
Learn to fly the Cessna 172

Free Flight training for the beginner. Start here and take you into the pilots world at the controls of a Cessna 172.

for beginners Free
A Brief Introduction to Aviation

An introduction course for beginners that cover the what aviation is about.

for beginners Free
Cabin Crew Career Introduction

This course Prepares you for a Successful Career as a Cabin Crew

for beginners Free
Learn Aviation Meteorology

To gain a better understanding of Meteorology and the role it plays in everyday flying.

for beginners Free
How to become a commercial pilot

This course Prepares you for a Successful Career as a Commercial Pilot

for beginners Free
Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Pilot

An introductory course that will save you time and teach you what it takes to become a pilot.

for beginners Free
How To Become a Pilot

Are You Ready To Get In The Sky? Another introductory course on how and what you need to do to become a pilot.

for beginners Free